Coaching Services

Below are the Coaching Services Rendered. Workshops/Speaking Engagements are available upon request. Choose the service(s) needed and place it in the subject line on the Contact page and write a brief description in the Comment Section:


1. School/College
2. Corporate/Work Place
3. Home
4. Social Media

Life Events:

1. Life Coaching (Family/Individual/Groups)
2. Death (Bereavement Process/Coping Skills)
3. Marriage/Divorce
4. Unemployment (Resume/Networking)
5. Addiction(s)

Voice of Choice finds it most valuable in the coaching process by obtaining a clear understanding of your Goals. We want to know where you want to ultimately end up and what you envision your life will look like when you have achieved success. We will work together to develop both a Mission and Vision Statement just for you!

The Goal Categories are Career, Relationships, Financial, Health, Self Awareness, and Well-Being.



1.  Why is this goal important to you?

2.  What benefit(s) will you gain once you have accomplished this goal?

3.  When do you hope to accomplish this goal?

4.  Imagine for a moment that you have already achieved this goal. What will be different? How will you feel, look or act?

5.  What specific action steps are necessary in order to complete this goal? (Organize in sequence)

6.  When will you complete each action step?

7.  Are there any foreseen issues that may hinder you in accomplishing the goal(s)?

8.  What specific actions can you take to work around each issue that may hinder you?