Book Testimonials

Life Changing

Christina Tarbuck Former Trinity Middle School Teacher - Washington, PA Waynesburg High School Teacher - Waynesburg, PA February 15, 2016

As I have known Linda (Olivia) for a little over 6 years now, I cannot express what a life changing soul she truly is.  Becoming close with Linda (Olivia) as she was in the process of writing her book over 6 years ago, I knew that she was an angel on Earth brought into my life.   She was so kindhearted, energetic, thoughtful, helpful, driven, and selfless.  She listened to my catastrophes of life stories and always had some sort of positive wisdom to encourage me with, forward.  When visiting Linda’s house and sharing stories for hours at a time, she taught me about narcissism, abuse, and pain of all sorts. She also taught me ways to be happy, just stemming from everyday life.  Her laugh was contagious and it was self-made by being bubbly and creating her own, happy life. With not much to give, Linda was always thinking of others, and giving in times of need off of her own back.  Now, after her book is published, she still remains that same beautiful person and an individual who views each day as a canvas for helping troubled people during their times of pain and distress.  Linda has impacted my life by not only encouraging me to be as kindhearted as her, but to show me that it is acceptable to have a painful past and learn from it, understand it, and move forward into a better place. She showed me a new tunnel of life, that helping others persevere is what we were brought here to do.  Linda (Olivia) has come so far from where she started out and I am so proud to call her a close friend!


Rich Horner Trinity School District Police - Washington, PA February 11, 2016

I have been in law enforcement for over 40 years, over this period I have become a good judge of people. After retiring from a municipal police department, I took a job with Trinity School District in Washington, Pennsylvania as the school district police officer, part of the job was truant and residency checks. In May 2014, I was checking on a student and met Linda Ewing, we began to talk about the pressure on todays children relating to social media and students being bullied. At first I thought she was just another tree hugger, then she gave me her book “Voice of CHOICE – Subdue The Bully” to read. I am not much of a reader, but as I started the book I could not put it down. Linda opens up about her life and you can read her passion. She has been through abuse and has been subject of a bully first hand and understands how these relationships evolve. The more I have gotten to know Linda, the more I respect her and her passion on this subject. I wish her nothing but the best and I truly believe she can make a difference.